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Great Fishing- Lake Shikaribetsu   



[Location type]:Volcanic Lake

[Species]:Dolly Varden,Rainbow Trout,Cherry Salmon

[One sentence description]:Lake Shikaribetsu is in Mt.Daisetu National Park

[Location Summary]:

Surrounded by forests in the moutains of Taisetsu National Park, Lake Shikaribetsu is a scenic volcanic lake with a mysterious feeling. Located at 810 meters in altitude, it has a circmference of 13.6km and there is an indoor and outdoor hot spring nearby. Wildlife such as ezoshika deer, pika and brown bears live in this region.

[Distance from]:about 70 km north of the Tokachi-Obihiro Airport.

[How to get there]:by car or bus:

[Location Details]:

If leaving from the Tokaichi-Obihiro Airport, it takes 1 hour 30 mintues to drive to the Lake. If travelling by air and train, there is a thirty minute bus ride to the Takaichi-Obihiro train station. From the train station there are several bus services in a day and it takes about one hour to travel to Lake Shikaribetsu.

[Fishspecies + info about fishspecies]

:We have rainbow trout ( about 40-60cm), cherry salmon (about 30-40cm) and dolly varden at Lake Shikaribetsu. There are two kinds of dolly varden in Hokkaido,Japan. One kind, Salvelinus malma malma, is common in the river but another kind, Salvelinus malma miyabei, is rare and Lake Shikaribetsu is the only place in the world where they exist and can be fished! The average size of the Salvelinus malma miyabei is about 35-40cm.

black woodpecker

Mt. Hakuunn track

Lake Shikaribetsu 13.6km

Lake Shikaribetsu

Salvelinus malma miyabei

[How To Fish]:

We have two fishing seasons at Lake Shikaribetsu. The first season is in June and July and the second one is in October. For dolly varden,cherry salmon and rainbow trout, we recommend fly rod #8 and sinking line type 2or 3 in June. When water is clear in July, it is hard to catch dolly varden because the water temperature gets too high and they move to the deep part of the lake. However, at this time of the year, rainbow trout come up to the surface and you can enjoy dry fly fishing in very beautiful clear water. In October, you can enjoy dry fly fishing in a calm cove. Use #12-14 black parachute or #12 Green stinkbug. You can rent a boat at the lake and fish from the boat. There are also a few places where you can wade.


If you enjoy dry fly fishing, we recommend you to bring #8 and #6 rods and floating line. For streamer fishing, it is recommended to bring #8 rod and sinking line type 2 or 3.

Rainbow trout 50cm

Salvelinus malma miyabei

[Practical Info]:

The fishing seasons change slightly every year. You need to make a reservation and buy a fishing license before you fish. A fishing license costs about 4000yen/per day. It is possible to enjoy fishing without a guide. In case you need a local experienced fishing guide with transportation, please contact info@lodgeluckyfield.com. For more information, please go to lodge lucky field

[Practical Info]:

Lodge Lucky Field can help you enjoy your flyfishing trip in Hokkaido, Japan. Located in the middle part of the Hokkaido Island, Lodge Lucky Field offers skilled fishing guiding services (in English) in many nearby rivers and lakes. Transport is included. The lodge offers full-serviced accomodation as well as other services such as birdwatching. An indoor hot spring is located near the lodge.

[Fishing season]:

At Lake Shikaribetsu, there are two official fishing seasons. The first season is June-July and the second one is in October. The dates change every year and you need to check them. The general fishing season for other lakes and rivers is between March and December.


A special fishing license is required at Lake Shikaribetsu. There are a limited number of licenses issued every year. You need to make a reservation and buy the license before you get there. The Lodge Lucky Field can help organize your fishing trip. please contact info@lodgeluckyfield.com.

[Catch and release]:Dolly varden must be released after the catch.

[Profile of the Fishing Guide]

Takuji Yoshihara. Being an avid flyfisherman and the owner of the nature lodge, Takuji offers quality fishing guiding service in Japanese or English. He can arrange the fishing license and local transportation. He is a registered Hokkaido nature guide and is familiar with many nature activities such as birdwatching, icefishing and hunting.

Lodge Lucky Field


Black Parachute #12-14 in October

Yellow big Mayfly #8-10

in late June-July

Jig minow or Spoon 10-18g

for Spinig angler

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