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Hokkaido Tokachi

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Bird Watching Guide
Hokkaido Tokachi
Fly Fishing Guide
Hokkaido Tokachi

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Bird Watching Guide

Hokkaido Tokachi

Fly Fishing Guide

Hokkaido Tokachi

Nature Watching Guide

Hokkaido Tokachi

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Hokkaido Tokachi

Takuji & Nagisa Yoshihara

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Address :080-0562 45 Kansen Higashi-Otohuke,Hokkaido Japan

Map code:424250164*47

[ Location]

Lodge Lucky Field is in Tokachi, Eastan Hokkaido, a place surrounded by a wide variety of natural sceneries; Daisetsu-zan National Park lies to the north, Hidaka Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park to the west, Akan National Park and Shiranuka Hills are situated to the east, and to the south is coastline facing the Pacific Ocean.  This rich natural environment is also home to a great many number of wildlife.  A mere 30 minute-drive will take us to Lake Shikaribetsu, which is the only habitat of Miyabe char in the world.  Around the wetlands in the lower reaches of Tokachi River, we can watch red-crowned cranes, raptorial birds like Steller's sea eagles and white-tailed eagles, and wild ducks.  In fact, all sorts of wild birds including Blakiston's fish owls and black woodpeckers inhabit in the deep mountains.  Different kinds of fish inhibit the lakes in abundance, such as white-spotted char, dolly varden, Japanese huchen, and rainbow trouts, offering great lure-fishing and fly-fishing grounds.  During the spring and summer months, flowers such as Oobana-no-enrei-so (Trillium Kamutschaticum), lily of the valley and Asian skunk cabbage bloom in clumps and the land transforms to boast a different shade of splendor.  We are very proud of our land with bountiful gifts from nature; we believe it our task to protect and bequeath it to subsequent generations.

[The Lodge]

Lodge Lucky Field is the best accommodation for those who want to enjoy fishing and bird-watching in Tokachi, Hokkaido.  Ideally located in the center of the Tokachi Plain, the lodge offers you a base for a variety of fishing spots.  You can enjoy trolling in the bosom of mountains, white-spotted char fishing in downstream basins, and salmon fishing in the ocean.  The most convenient spot for lure and fly fishing is Otofuke River flowing right by our accommodation where wild rainbow trout over 50cm lurk.  

The landscape is idyllic――potato patches and larch shelterbelts spread all around, and the lodge itself was remodeled by ourselves from an old stable with a mansard roof.  We offer you gentle and leisurely hours at Lodge Lucky Field with our local food, farmer's style of life, and above all, commitment to using materials and ingredients sourced in Tokachi, which only a small family-operated lodge can offer.

[Fly Fishing  around Lodge Lucky Field]

Tokachi region has many kind of wild trout and salmon.You can enjoy each season with fly fishing.

Jan-Mar(Ice Fishing),Mar-Dec(Fly Fishing),June-Nov(Dry-Fly Fishing).

Lodge Lucky Field    

Great Fishing

Lake Shikaribetsu

Hokkaido Tokachi

Lodge Lucky Field

Our Services

We offer fishing and bird watching guide services.You can stay in our beautiful lodge, near a hot spring and river,and enjoy organic food. By plane, we are 90 min from Tokyo, It’s so easy to get here. We can pick you up at the air port. Both Yoshi and Nagisa speak good English. We look forward to welcoming you to Hokkaido.

[ Testimonials ]

'The fact that I have had three wonderful fly-fishing trips to Lodge Lucky Field in the last year says it all! Yoshi and his wife, Nagi, are the perfect hosts and their excellent command of English makes life easy for a non-Japanese speaker like me. They run the lodge on a very eco-friendly basis, and produce virtually all their own delicious provisions for the kitchen, where Nagi creates unforgettable dishes! I travel to many parts of the world for my fly-fishing, but Hokkaido and this lodge are my favourite venues. The island offers not only fishing, but excellent bird-watching, hiking and general nature observing, all of which can be pursued with great ease from the lodge, thanks to the unstinting help of Yoshi and Nagi. I am looking forward to my next trip, counting the days!' Gregor Fulton McGregor As chairman of www.mcgregorfly.com 12/Oct/2012